Saturday, October 2, 2021

Report of the Week: 9/25 - 10/1/2021 (w/Links)

On Saturday I finished Netflix's latest limited series Midnight Mass from the same creator of The Haunting of Hill House and I thought it was a good show. I know that Mike Flanagan is a hot topic in horror circles right now but like Hill House I found it too wordy and if I wanted my horror that way we should've at least gotten an Andrei Tarkovsky horror movie. Speaking of Tarkovsky, I watched his last movie The Sacrifice in the evening after three sittings and while it didn't move me as much as Stalker or Solaris did, the ending was still memorable. Here's my full review of the show. 

That same evening I saw the first episode of Apple TV+'s new show Foundation and it is amazing! It's not as mind blowing in terms of the story so far but world building through the sets, and the CGI really sold me on this show and this is coming from someone who has never read the novels it's based on. Now I'm preparing myself to read the novels at some point but I don't want to rush into the show at the same time. The next day I saw the second episode since Apple TV+ decided to drop the two first episodes. 
On Monday, I received three books that I ordered online namely Wuthering Heights, All The Pretty Horses and Suttree by Emily Brontë and Cormac McCarthy respectively, two of which have movie adaptations which I cannot wait to see after I finished reading the book versions. There are a few teaser trailers for the new seasons of Stranger Things and Cobra Kai and a teaser for the new The Sandman series on Netflix. 

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